(Multimedia Performance, 12 mins.)

This performance was created as an explicit protest against the Humboldt Forum Project, Berlin, and presented in an event at Humboldt Box in January 2018. After a few months, to present it again in Brussels, we´ve modified it to do it–in general–about Museums that profit with looted art. It can be adapted to different cities adjusting its content depending on the context of the place where it’s presented.

Deep Trash. London, UK. September 2018.

 Photos by Thomas Hensher. Courtesy Arts Feminism Queer / Deep Trash. London, 2018.

 Photos by Orlando Myxx. Courtesy Arts Feminism Queer / Deep Trash.
Special Guest: Maria Poison.

Barlok. Brussels, Belgium. June 2018.

The cultural treasures of the world remain exclusively for the good of the people of the north.*


Humboldt Forum. Berlin, Germany. January 2018.

The exploration of the world and its populations by European “researchers” was a colonial project for many years and still affects the regimentation and exploitation of the global south to this day. One of the two people this project is named after, Alexander von Humboldt, was involved in this project to a great extent. The Spanish royalty and its overseas colonial regime, which was based on genocide and slavery,
were particularly interested in the results of his expeditions in South and Middle America, and they supported him to the best of their ability. In this way, the Prussian “who really discovered America” who even stole buried corpses and shipped them to Europe, embodies colonial dominance.

Humboldt is not an appropriate person to name an intercultural centre after.*

Photos by Nick Jaussi.
Special Guest: Emy Fem